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Black Diamond
Cannabis Flower
AAA | THC 21%
per 1/8 oz
Sour Tangie
Cannabis Flower
AA | THC 19%
per 1/8 oz
Golden Teacher Dried Shrooms
Dried Shrooms
High-grade psilocybin magic mushrooms
per 7 grams
Elephant Hash
Cannabis Concentrates
Fine quality hashish
per 2 grams
Boost Edibles Gummies - Cherry
Weed Gummies
20 pieces | Double Dosage
per 300 mg
CBDYOU Tincture
Original Flavour
per 2000 mg
Master Mind Shroom Chocolate Bar
Shroom Chocolates
Premium psilocybin Funghi Bar
per 1500 mg
Faded Cannabis CO Disposable Vape Pen
Disposable Vapes
Premium THC vapes
per 1 g

Get Kush Store Details

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Name: Get Kush

Business Type: Online Weed Dispensary


Business Hours: Open 24 hours

Location: British Columbia (Main) & Ontario

Service Areas: All of Canada

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Dawn T
I’ve recommended many friends check them out. Can’t go wrong with these folks!!!!
Kaden A
ALWAYS a HAPPY customer!! The Team is GREAT, the products are GREAT and we would HIGHLY recommend
Ian B
The quality is not high class but acceptable. Will try other strains. Alaska Thunder is not for me.
Jeanette KB
First time order with GK and have order issues. Their customer services are very useful to help me get my order
Sage A
ALWAYS a HAPPY customer!! The Team is GREAT, the products are GREAT and we would HIGHLY recommend

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Free Vape Pen, 7G OF AA weed + More Gifts on Orders Over $349

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Refer a Friend & you BOTH get $25 off!

Multiple Weekly Promotions

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Get Kush Cannabis Dispensary Review

Get Kush Logo

Name: Get Kush

Business Type: Online Weed Dispensary


Business Hours: Open 24 hours

Location: British Columbia (Main) & Ontario

Service Areas: All of Canada

Verified by TrustPilot: 4.6/5

Atlantic Cannabis Rating: 9.5/10

Average Customer Rating: 9/10

At Atlantic Cannabis, our goal is to provide our readers with a clear picture of weed dispensaries so that you can find a trusted company and find reliable products. Today, we will look at the Get Kush cannabis dispensary and find out who they are and what they offer. Our team was impressed with just how well they do at providing value for their customers. Let’s take a closer look. 

Business Overview

Among the leaders in the cannabis industry, Get Kush is a family-run online marijuana dispensary that allows users to buy weed online with ease. They are currently run by a brother and sister duo that has taken over for their late father, who had deep and historical roots in the BC and Ontario cannabis communities. This cannabis dispensary is head by the daughter Nancy, who has been a strong and vocal advocate of the legalization of marijuana over the past decade. They have grown up watching their father run one of the most successful wholesale weed stores in BC. Over the past decade, they have expanded their operations with locations in Ontario. Not short after, the Get Kush team quickly grew to find their products in households all across Canada. 

Get Kush’s main priority is to create the best shopping experience possible while saving you your hard-earned money.  This cannabis store has the reputation of always looking for new and exciting ways to get value on your purchases.  Their generosity makes them different than most cannabis companies and Weed Delivery that want to boost their products and cut corners. Instead, the GetKush team thrives on saving you money and providing value. This is why they are featured on long-time trusted sites such as Weed List and BC Weed Delivery.

Get Kush Services

Currently, Get Kush is an online dispensary in Canada, and you can only purchase cannabis online through their website. You can find all that you need simply with their user-friendly interface. The sleek design of their website is indeed a treat for their visitors.

To order, simply browse through their shop, add items to your cart, sign up, and check out. It’s that easy! You can conveniently pay by E-transfer and have your order shipped out promptly after payment is approved. 

Your package will be delivered via Canada Post Xpress and delivered to any locations that Canada Post can reach. 

Lastly, GetKush’s team of experts provides users with the necessary information to educate their community and provide reliable information to help them make better decisions. 

GetKush Products

Perhaps the most significant selling point of Get Kush is their extensive product line. Also, GetKush takes a keen interest in providing only quality items and ensures that all products are lab-tested. Currently, you can find thousands of top-grade products in their shop. 

Marijuana Flowers

Their top-selling items have got to be their cannabis flower. This includes over 100 of the best weed strains in Canada. You can even find them in a range of bud quality to suit your needs. There will be budget buds for those cost-conscious buyers out there, and there is premium AAAA weed for all you connoisseurs. But cannabis flowers are not the only product line offered at Get Kush. 

Weed Edibles

You can also find a massive menu of top brand-name weed edibles. This includes a wide variety of weed gummies, chocolates, cookies, brownies, drinks, and more. GetKush even offers THC capsules and tinctures for a more medical approach to taking cannabis edibles. 

Cannabis Concentrates

Another group of products is their weed concentrates. These are highly potent products that have been made using only the finest buds around. Some of the most popular of these items are their cannabis oil, shatter, budder, terp sauce, distillate, and hash. But don’t worry if you didn’t see what you want on that list because their concentrate inventory is much further reaching than that. 

Weed Vapes

Get Kush also provides customers with a large selection of cannabis vape products. This includes a variety of vape pens and batteries. You can typically find them in a reusable form or pens that are disposable.  In addition, you have a choice at hundreds of THC vape cartridge refills and a wide range of e-juice flavours.


For anyone not wanting to get high, you can try the GetKush cannabidiol (CBD) products. CBD items do not activate brain receptors and therefore do not cause the intoxicating effects generally associated with THC use. You can find various CBD oils, tinctures, vapes, gummies, chocolate, isolates, and topicals. There is even CBD for pet products, such as CBD oil for dogs and cats.

Magic Mushrooms

The newest entry to the Get Kush inventory is their magic mushroom products. These items are perhaps the quickest growing category of product that GetKush offers. You can find a range of premium dried shrooms, gummies, chocolates, capsules, and tea. All of the GetKush shroom products are made using only the finest psilocybin in Canada.

Get Kush Deals & Promos

One thing for sure is that Get Kush is known to put on some of the most generous deals and promotions. They are serious about wanting to save their customers as much money as possible. 

Here are some of the great deals that GetKush offers:

  • Free premium gifts with each order
  • Get Kush coupon codes
  • New customer savings
  • Free shipping on orders exceeding $149 with tracking included
  • Monthly contest with generous prizes
  • Mix & match & save up to 40%
  • The more you buy, the more you save
  • Reward/loyalty points earned with each dollar spent
  • Multiple weekly promotions
  • Bundle offers
  • Refer a friend bonuses

Why You Should Choose Get Kush

There are so many reasons why you should pick Get Kush as your dispensary of choice. In addition to their high quality of products and services, they offer customers the lowest price guarantee. This means if you find a lower price somewhere else, they will match that price for you. GetKush is serious about wanting their customers to enjoy the lowest prices in Canada. Also, has built up a great deal of trust amongst the Canadian cannabis community. It is clear when looking through what existing customers have to say. You can check out the GetKush Reddit, GetKush WeedMaps, and GetKush Trustpilot reviews to see the glowing reviews for yourself. What’s even better is that whenever there seems to be a complaint or issue, the Get Kush team appears to be ready to remedy that problem right away. 

Here are some of the main selling points that the CannabisOntario team thinks Get Kush does well.

  • Lowest prices guaranteed – Price matching
  • Top-quality products – Product testing
  • Safe & secure website – Encrypted transactions
  • Highley trusted in the cannabis community
  • Guaranteed delivery – Or your money back
  • 100% privacy and discreet packaging
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Excellent customer service
  • Verified by TrustPilot: 4.6/5 Stars

Atlantic Cannabis Rating: 9.5/10

Average Customer Rating: 9/10



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