How To Make Rosin

How To Make Rosin

Did you know that you can make your own rosin at home? And the best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so. 

Learning how to make rosin is one way to earn good money. The two main things you must invest in are a rosin press and quality input material. After that, you can start minting some good change or making rosin for personal use. 

In this article, learn the step-by-step process of making rosin. The information includes how to store the rosin for the best shelf life and where you can buy it in Canada. 


What is Rosin?

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard about rosin, or you never quite understood what it is. Well, you’re in luck!

There are different types of cannabis concentrates that you come across in the weed industry. Among them is the rosin, that’s packed with terpenes and cannabinoids. For some concentrates, the main extraction process is using solvents to achieve the best products. 

However, rosin is different. This concentrate requires heat and pressure to squeeze the sap from the raw material during the extraction process. This resinous sap source can be rosin flowers, kief, or hash and is exposed to the highest possible temperature. 

The extraction process for a rosin that’s a honey-looking product that hardens. And the best part is this is solvent-free and safer to use. Even the process of making rosin isn’t as dangerous as other concentrates. 


How is Rosin Made?

So, how can you make your rosin? 

Making rosin at home requires following several steps to achieve the best results. You need the right equipment to accomplish the job quickly and safely during this process. Below is a list of the necessary materials and equipment to make rosin. 

Rosin Press

Right off the bat, know that you need a rosin press. This device applies pressure to the raw material while increasing the temperature. A rosin press accomplishes the job in the best way possible since it’s made for this job. 

However, people use a hair straightener during the extraction process. Still, you can’t expect the same quality rosin using the hair straightener as a rosin press. Hair straighteners call for extra caution because there’s a high risk of burns. 

Raw Material

It’s important to pick the right raw material to make rosin. This will dictate the quality of the final product. If you use high-quality raw materials, you can expect a high-quality product at the end of the extraction process. 

The best raw materials for rosin are kief, flowers, or hash. You can also use trim or shake to achieve the same results. However, the hash is the best way to get top-quality output. 

Opt for the best quality and strain of hash for this process. The same applies to any raw material that you choose to make rosin. Flower is popular when making rosin so you can opt for small nugs with better surface area relative to the total mass. 

Parchment Paper

Another crucial item you need when making rosin is parchment paper. All the solventless oil you get during the extraction process collects on it. So, always go for the best quality, preferably paper that’s not made using a bleaching process. 

Filter Bags

The rosin extraction process calls for filter bags, especially when pressing hash. Flowers are the only raw material that you don’t need to use for rosin filter bags. Still, you can use them if you prefer the process to be as smooth as possible. 

There are many sizes of filter bags available in the market. Consider the micron counts of each bag before making a purchase. The best way to choose the filter bags is to choose a size close to the size of the heat plates on the rosin press. 

Step by Step to Make Rosin

As mentioned earlier, making rosin is one of the simplest things to do. And you don’t need any complex equipment to do so. Start by gathering the equipment and materials listed above. Then you can proceed. 

Step 1: Add Raw Material to Filter Bag

It’s important to find the right size filter bags for this step. After that, proceed to fill it with the raw material of choice. Make sure you leave room in the bag by avoiding over-stuffing, which can cause pressing issues. 

Step 2: Set the Rosin Press

It’s important to set the rosin press before you begin the process. This entails setting the temperature and the timer. As a beginner, begin with small amounts of raw materials in filter bags to learn the process easily. 

Step 3: Press

When the settings are in place, you can press the raw material. Fetch some parchment paper and fold it in half. Place the filter bag holding the raw material between the paper’s two halves. 

Place the parchment paper holding the filter bag with raw material in the middle of the bottom plate of the rosin press. Tap on the screen of the press to begin the process. Press the raw materials to extract the rosin. Keep repeating until all the product is out. 

Step 4: Remove the Filter Bag

Turn off the rosin press and gather the product. Remove the filter bag with the raw material. Then, proceed to collect the rosin together on the parchment paper. It needs time to cool, so place it somewhere cool or in the refrigerator. After the product cools down, use a dabber to scrap it from the parchment paper.

How To Make Rosin

How to Store Rosin For the Best Shelf-Life?

Once the extraction process for rosin is complete, it’s time to think about storage. Rosin is a solventless product that needs a better way to store it for the best shelf-life. 

Always remember how long you want to keep the product when it comes to storage. If you want to use the rosin soon, you don’t need long-term storage strategies. Instead, you only need a food-grade silicone tin or bag to remove as much air as possible. 

However, when you want to use the rosin at a later date, you need a better storage plan. One of the best options is a vacuum-sealed glass jar. Afterward, you can store the jar in a cool and dry place to use later. 


Where to Buy Rosin Online in Canada?

Many vendors like Highest Farmacy and Daily Marijuana sell rosin in Canada. These are both online cannabis stores and physical weed dispensaries. It’s good to always purchase from places with the right reviews about product quality in Canada. That way, you get your money’s worth, and safe to consume products. Find the best cannabis dispensaries in Canada at Atlantic Cannabis.



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